Maintenance Packages for your online business.

Our care packages are designed to give you complete peace of mind for running your online business.

Packages can include any of the following:

Each maintenance package we put together is based upon your requirements and the amount & type of work involved.

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Joe Bloggs has a website, he had it built for him and now wants to add new features to it.  He doesnt have the time to do this himself.  He needs somebody he can send an email to with a list of changes, additions, updates, photos and be assured that the website will be updated using its present style.


He contacted Tidy Web Design, who arranged a meeting with Joe, explained the charges specific to his website, and put together a care package based on an average monthly usage.

On the 15th of every month, Joe emails Tidy Web Design a list of changes that needs completing.  If the list exceeds the agreed allowance, Tidy Web Design will contact Joe and give him the option of rolling over the remainder of the work till the following month, or paying for the extra work seperate to the existing care package.

Joe requests the work is completed ASAP, and agrees to pay a small additional fee.

The work is completed on schedule every month. Without the need for Joe to dig out his 1995 copy of dreamweaver.


Rachaels Online Candle Shop receives monthly images from her supplier for her ecommerce site. The images are "standard" making her site look just like the rest of the candle shops on the web.  Rachael wants her images to be made into her brand, with watermarking, resizing, and background removed.  She's far too busy to sit down and learn a graphics package.

The future plans are to completely outsource the maintenance of her website, but where does she do this?  She doesn't want to take a member of staff on? Times are hard!


She contacted Tidy Web Design who put together a monthly graphics package for her.  They agreed that for each image to be remastered would cost £XX.XX for a minimum of 10 graphics per month.

On the 1st of every month Rachael sent a CD to Tidy Web Design, and within a few days Tidy Web Design returned the CD with remastered images on via post (or email if she wanted).


Tidy Web Design proposes a website maintenance package for 5 hours per week giving Rachael: